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Length & Separation Mascara

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The slim mascara brush has a curved shape that hugs the eye to grab every single lash, from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. The unique twisted & crimped shape of the brush easily picks up the liquid and fibers of the mascara and expertly separates and deposits the formula onto lashes The perfect blend of firm hard fibers and smooth soft fibers attach parallel to each lash to instantly create lengthened lashes. Each coat makes lashes longer and longer and beautiful to the very tips.

Curl-Up Polymers lend this mascara firmness and body, perfect for curling. Film-type mascaras have been known for their weak-curling property in the past, but this mascara creates smoothly curled lashes. This film-type mascara easily slips off of lashes in warm water, yet remains smudge-proof when in use, due to its water and oil resistant polymer-rich formula. This ensures a long-lasting beautiful finish.

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